-Pictures soon, once I get my SD card back-

David Carter (as I discovered this week in Barnes and Noble) creates these neat little abstract pop-up books…each book has a different item to find on each page.  I flipped through Blue 2, Yellow Square, and One Red Dot in the display case – Yellow Square was the most awesome, but I was only able to buy Blue 2.

Page One:

This page has colliding cherry blossom branches.  This was one of my favorite pages in the whole book!  Because the branches went in both directions, it somehow gave an extra 3D feel to the page… The actual mechanism seemed quite simple.  Branches had a tab that slid under the page.  All of the support came from opposing branches leaning on each other like a teepee.  Definitely going to try this out at some point.  Blue 2 status:  WHERE is it?!!!

Page Two:

A crazy modern art circus contraption.  This page works from the center of the page, using a pyramid structure for support.  Blue 2 status:  Found.

Page Three:

Spin a wheel to make some craaazy optical illusions.   Basically, you’re operating a gear train that simultaneously turns 6 other different sized gears – two of which operate a cam mechanism.  4 of the gears have patterns which, as they move under cut-out  pieces, reveal different parts to create an illusion.  The 2 cam mechanism reveal additional parts (one of which has a blue two).  I’m curious as to how the gear train stays in place without getting off track.  I guess the tension from behind the gears hold them in place? Blue 2 status:  Revealed on the cam.

Page Four:

When I first purchased this book, this page was stuck!  Once I fixed it, I was pleasantly surprised.  This page uses a pull-tab to erect multiple vertical pieces, which impress the shape of a number two in stretchy blue fabric.  We learned a simpler version of this technique in class last week.  The vertical pieces in this version have an additional support (sort of like a floating layer) to maintain the “2” shape.  Blue 2 status:  Obvious.

Page Five:

If I had to name this page, I would name it “volcano island”.

Page Six:

A curved support with a dangling mobile thing.  The structure is identical to page two, except placed higher on the page.  I like the dangling!

Blue 2 Status: Very tricky!  On the side of the support, there are two cutouts.  The cutouts reveal a mirrored portion inside of the support, which reveals the 2 hidden inside.

Page Seven:

AGAIN, the pyramid structure thing!  This time, it’s nested in triplicate.  These pyramids are pretty similar to box-supports, just extended slightly.   This page reminds me of the number man sculpture at MIT.

Blue 2 status:  Found, on the inner triangle.

Page Eight:

I don’t get this page at all.  This page looks broken.  There’s a floating layer, which curves upward.  The supports for the floating layer have small v-folds at each corner.  These v-folds support some crazy random pieces that extend up through the floating layer.  Also on the sides of the floating layer support are these random tab-folded pieces that are just kind of stuck…I think those are for extra support?  This page looks like the author wanted somewhere to put all of his paper-cutting scraps.

Okay just as I’m bashing this page, I see something kind of cool.  Through one random sticky-up piece, there’s a nice fluid see-saw thing.

Blue 2 status:  Didn’t bother.

Page Nine:  Simple pop-up.  A circle shape is expanded when the book opens.

There are strings through this boat-like object – I think they’re supposed to twirl?  They don’t…

Page Ten: POP-UP EXPLOSION!  Wow this page has a lot of popping-up going on.  I like it a lot!.  It has 4 nested v-folds, that are the max height they can possibly be.  There are also some large pieces glued on top of them, which provide extra support for random pieces on the page.

Blue 2 status:  Who cares, look at all of these pop-ups!