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Here’s Sarah Hallacher and I’s final stop motion video for animation!  It was a lot of work, but I think it turned out nicely.


For this week’s Pop-Ups assignment, I finally managed to make an actual Pop-Up book that closes!  It’s called “Party In the Arctic: A Chiller”…

Here’s the front cover.  Check out the hedgehog smoking a cigar.

Page One.

“there’s a party in the arctic”

Page Two.

“narwhal djs”

Page Three.

“spicy food for icy friends”

Back Cover.

From about age four to nine, I was obsessed with birds.  I really, really, really wanted a baby bird to play with.  I would steal cold, unfertilized chicken eggs from my parents’ fridge and hide them in the woods.  I was hoping that some nurturing mother bird would take my egg, hatch it, and adopt the chick out to me.  Every time I would go back to check on my egg, it would be gone.  Even though I was probably feeding the entire town’s raccoon population, I had faith that someday a chick would find its way back to me.


Inspired by my childhood insanity, Sarah Hallacher and I made a sweet stop motion about baby chicks hatching in a fridge.  Here are some production photos from the grueling, 8-hour shoot.  Final edits are scheduled for next Monday – stay tuned!


The set: a fake fridge.


Looking cool, pondering our next move.  Ten seconds later, I realized babydoll t-shirts should be retired from my wardrobe.


And here’s a photo of the chickens I *finally* got to keep as pets: